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Over the past month, life has changed dramatically for us all and Happiful, the UK’s magazine devoted to conversations around mental health, and Counselling Directory, the site helping to connect people with therapists in their local area, are continuing to find ways of supporting people who are struggling at this time.

“We’ve seen a sharp increase in people searching Happiful for articles and guidance on managing anxiety, how to support children with panic attacks, ways to work from home, homeschooling, maintaining positive relationships, as well as coping with living in isolation, and managing mental health and illness,” Happiful spokesperson Lucy Donoughue shared.

“Happiful is working with counsellors, life coaches, psychologists and other professionals to respond to these needs, and the daily updates on the news, to provide people with online support through our content, podcasts, and social media.”

In addition to the daily online content, Happiful Magazine, featuring expert mental health advice, life stories and personal experiences, is available completely for free in its digital format, by subscribing at

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Counselling Directory Community Make Moves Online to Support During Social Distancing

For those who are looking to engage professional therapeutic help, more than 11,900 members on Counselling Directory, Happiful’s sister site, are now working online across the UK to continue providing mental health support during social distancing measures.

In the past two weeks, 2,061 additional therapists have developed new ways to support clients remotely, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Impact of Coronavirus on Mental Health

Counselling Directory Member Pam Custers shared:

“We are seeing a huge rise in anxiety-related issues since this pandemic has been announced. With each passing day, the government has urged us to take more and more stringent measures. While we can understand rationally why we need to do this, psychologically the enormity of the issue is really starting to hit home with people.

“Humans thrive on predictability and safety, when external events turn our lives upside down, like this virus, we need to find a way to reclaim our sense of security.

“We have to empower ourselves by focusing on what we do have power over, rather than the things we cannot control.”

Pam shares the 10 ways we can look after ourselves at this time:

  1. Structure your day and have goals for the week.
  2. Don’t over work. If you are working, make sure you have down time.
  3. Set up online chats with your friends. Connection is vital for wellbeing. Use all the tech you can to support your relationships with others.
  4. Exercise, do an online workout, or a brisk walk. We are able to do this at the moment so take advantage.
  5. Nourish your body. Take the time to cook food consciously so that you are healthy.
  6. Stretch your mind a little. Learn something new each day.
  7. Kindness is important, not only towards yourself but to others. When we show others kindness it boosts our own well being just as much.
  8. Catch up with the news only once a day.
  9. Integrate all the things you would normally do, but using tech.
  10. Remind yourself often that “this too will pass”.  We will come out the other side and we need to use all our emotional resilience to manage this period of time.

Notes to Editor

Results of a survey* by Counselling Directory revealed that:

  • 97% of Counselling Directory respondents are planning to make, or have already made changes to their private practice in light of the COVID-19.
  • Current figures show that the number of therapists offering online services on Counselling Directory grew from 9,839 w/c 16 March to over 12,000 at the beginning of w/c 30 March, in response to the evolving ‘lockdown’ situation.  

Please credit full names of counsellors in comments used.

For more information about the survey or the results, please contact PR Officer Alice Greedus on

Counsellors from the Counselling Directory are available for media requests and comments, as well as team members from Happiful who can provide an overview in the changes.

*All respondents are counsellors, psychotherapists or psychologists registered with a relevant UK professional body. The counsellors were asked questions about the changes to their practice in light of COVID-19.

About Counselling Directory and Happiful magazine:

Counselling Directory has been helping connect people with the help they need since 2005. Listing more than 18,000 professional counsellors and psychotherapists nationwide, everyone has the opportunity to find mental health support. Counselling Directory also provides helpful information on therapy types and common mental health concerns, articles from qualified therapists, as well as public and professional events.

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