The latest issue features Davina McCall, Grace Victory, Kenny Ethan Jones and a wide range of mental health practitioners

Happiful Magazine, the UK’s magazine dedicated to conversations around mental health, has produced its first ever remote issue, with a dedicated editorial and support network signposting, in light of the current Covid 19 social distancing measures. As with all editions, the magazine will be available to read for free on Happiful’s App, from Thursday 16th April.

May’s issue features a sleep special, sharing research and true stories for those impacted by sleep difficulties. There’s insight from a host of specialists, including hypnotherapy and sleep experts from Happiful’s sister site, Hypnotherapy Directory.

Hypnotherapist John McKenzie reveals how hypnotherapy can deepen and improve our state of sleep. The good news, he adds, is that we can teach ourselves the self-hypnosis method to aid our own sleep.

Happiful’s Kat Nicholls explores what dreams can tell us about our mental health with psychotherapist Will Leifer, “dreams help us connect more deeply to the emotional meanings behind the events of our daily lives” he explains.

Psychotherapist and Counselling Directory member Katerina Georgiou delves into how couples can remedy co-sleeping problems by looking into research that reveals nearly one in six UK couples are choosing to sleep separately. Katerina explains that putting sleep first is vital for our relationships.

Elsewhere in the magazine, prime time presenter Davina McCall shares her thoughts on exercise for lifting mood, embracing every part of you and the lessons she's learnt from her children.

Columnist, long-time mental health advocate and blogger Grace Victory explores feelings of vulnerability around our careers and offers guidance from her personal experience.

Model, activist and entrepreneur Kenny Ethan Jones explores how we can protect our mental health, maintain our motivation and shares a personal message for those struggling with gender identity, in an interview with Happiful's Head Writer, Kat Wheeler.

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Happiful is the UK’s magazine devoted to promoting a better conversation around mental health and illness.

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For those who are looking to engage in professional therapeutic help, more than 11,900 members on Counselling Directory, Happiful’s sister site, are now working online across the UK to continue providing mental health support during social distancing measures.

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