Our mission is to help build a happier, healthier society, and we do this by connecting people with self-care information, real stories and professional support across a range of mental health and wellness topics.

Connecting over 1 million people with counsellors and psychotherapists.

We run a network of directory websites with over 20,000 professional members, and also produce Happiful magazine, which is free to read online and also available in print in shops nationwide. Our directories include Counselling Directory, Hypnotherapy Directory, Life Coach Directory, Therapy Directory and Nutritionist Resource.

We continually engage with professionals from across our websites to help inform our writing and advice, in addition to including the real-life experiences of readers.

We are dedicated to signposting support, information and self-care opportunities to all our readers.




Our History

July 2005

Counselling Directory

Two sisters had a dream to help people in need of emotional support connect with counselling professionals who could help them.

September 2006

Our first paying customers

We initially ran the directory for free, but to make it a sustainable business we started charging £10 per month for listings.

November 2006

100 Members

Within 2 months of charging, we had signed up 100 paying members..

April 2008

1,000 Members

Less than three years after launching, we signed up our 1000th paying customer!

December 2008

Two more directories

Hypnotherapy Directory and Life Coach Directory were launched.

June 2009

Entered the world of social media

Since those early days, we now have over 65,000 social media followers across all of our platforms.

January 2010

Therapy Directory

Therapy Directory was launched.

March 2010

Nutritionist Resource

Nutritionist Resource was launched.



We underwent our biggest rebrand yet, with a completely new logo and website to reflect the changing needs of our users.

May 2015

Breaking the internet

An infographic created for Depression Awareness Week goes viral, reaching over 80,000 on Facebook alone.

March 2017

Happiful Magazine

All these brands came together to create happiful magazine. Healthy ideas that change the world.

April 2018

Membership landmark

We reached a total of 20,000 professional members across all of our directories - a huge landmark in our company’s history.


Our Ethos

Happiful is dedicated to sharing the stories, experiences and support available for the whole of our society and we will work continually to ensure we represent the broadest audience possible.

We believe in equal rights for people of all genders, identifications, race, religions, sexuality, ability, shape, size and age – and everyone’s right to be heard and supported.

We work with professionals from across our platforms and in different disciplines and practises to ensure our information and advice is reviewed and updated in line with current thinking and practise. We continually welcome feedback.