Happiful, the magazine dedicated to conversations around mental health and wellbeing, is proud to celebrate three years of supporting others and continues its mission to do so.

Happiful magazine was launched on Monday 20 March 2017, the International Day of Happiness, with the intent to further conversations around mental health and illness, and to help eradicate associated stigma and discrimination, while ensuring everyone has access to the information and support they might need at any stage in their life.

Speaking ahead of the magazine’s third anniversary, Editor Rebecca Thair said:

“We personally know all too well the positive – and negative – role the media can play in people’s perception of their own, and others' mental health.

“After three years of Happiful Magazine’s existence, we’re more committed than ever to helping our readers get the support they might need and to sharing personal stories about living with and accepting mental health and illness.

“Happiful operates with kindness at the forefront of mind, and this is important, more now than ever, in these uncertain times. We need to come together to lift others, rather than tearing individual’s down, or scaring readers with sensationalism.

“Happiful intends to continue to play a major part in the supportive and kinder media movement.”

Happiful is a family-led business, developed by sisters Aimi Maunders and Emma Hursey back in 2005 when they established Counselling Directory, after searching for local mental health support themselves. Over the past 10 years, they’ve also developed Life Coach Directory, Hypnotherapy Directory, Nutritionist Resource and Therapy Directory to help connect people with practitioners and the support available on their doorsteps.

Happiful Magazine arrived in 2017 on a mission to reach the widest possible audience, with actionable advice and personal experiences of mental illness, drawing on the therapeutic knowledge from across Happiful’s family of Directories.

A wide range of people from the public eye have also contributed to Happiful Magazine’s pages including: Stacey Solomon, Grace Victory, Jonny Benjamin and Neil Laybourn, Gemma Atkinson, Alexandra Burke, Bryony Gordon, Munroe Bergdorf, Lauren Mahon, Megan Jayne Crabbe and Juno Dawson.

Alongside the availability of Happiful’s print edition, a digital version of the full magazine is sent to more than 95,000 people every month, allowing access to its content completely free of charge. Happiful believes that there should be no financial or physical barriers to accessing it’s supportive content. Readers simply submit an email address to receive the e-version of the magazine.

Speaking of the magazine, one reader shared: “Happiful is like a slice of self-love. You learn techniques to help yourself, you feel comforted by the articles and features you don’t feel so alone. To have a magazine dedicated to promoting good mental health, reducing stigma, makes a massive difference.”


Happiful Celebrates Three-Year Anniversary With a Line-Up including

Saffron Barker, Natasha Devon, Kimberley Wilson and Grace Victory

This month’s launch of Happiful (19 March), coincides with the magazine’s third anniversary and features a host of people from the public-eye and wellbeing professions, sharing their experiences and advice on living happier, healthier lives and normalising conversations around mental ill health.

April Edition

This month’s line up includes:

Saffron Barker - As a vlogger with more than 5 million followers across social media platforms, Saffron Barker understands the pressure of being a role model. This April, Happiful talks to Saffron about the power of believing in herself, and why there is a responsibility to do good with social media.

Grace Victory - Happiful’s columnist Grace, draws on her personal experience of holistic therapies, sharing her experiences with Reiki and reflexology, and why being open to alternative medicine works for her.

Natasha Devon MBE - Mental health campaigner and writer Natasha Devon chats about her new book, Yes You Can in our latest issue, focusing on exam stress and how it impacts young people.

Kimberley Wilson - Psychologist and former Great British Bake Off finalist, Kimberley Wilson discusses the special relationship between food and psychology. She also delves into her time on the legendary baking show.

In celebration of Happiful’s anniversary, readers will be offered three issues for the price of two with code HAPPIGIFT. The offer will be available at shop.happiful.com.

The magazine is free in a digital format, to everyone who subscribes at happiful.com. The digital version of the magazine is also available on Happiful’s free mobile app.

Happiful is the UK’s magazine devoted to promoting a better conversation around mental health and illness.

For more information, interviews or images contact:

PR Officer Alice Greedus on alice.greedus@happiful.com

Notes To Editors

April’s edition of Happiful Magazine will be on supermarket shelves nationwide on Thursday 19 March and online at happiful.com.

An extract of Saffron’s interview in Happiful magazine is now available on happiful.com.

Happiful magazine is available in major supermarkets and at shop.happiful.com

Happiful Magazine was established in March 2017 and exists to provide a supportive community, and continue conversations about mental health and illness – sharing stories from members of the public, people in the public eye and professionals from therapeutic industries.

Happiful magazine is supported by the Happiful family – including Counselling Directory, Life Coach Directory and Hypnotherapy Directory – which enables free distribution of the e-edition of the magazine to more than 95,000 people every month.