These days, social media marketing is a must, and it is a must because of its effectiveness. As more businesses include social media marketing, more mistakes are being made. Read on to see if you are making any of these mistakes that could stop you from reaching your full social potential.

It’s all about interaction

The number one line of communication for customer service is social media, because the majority of consumers are constantly plugged into social media. Use this as an opportunity to create fans of your business. Every business will have a different audience and target market, so you need to choose content that will engage your target market. Interacting with your followers in a way they will appreciate is crucial for converting followers into customers.


Don’t overwhelm with ads

Make sure to intersperse ads with genuinely interesting content so you don’t put off your followers. An offer here and there is fine, but if most of your posts are advertisements (or advertisements masked as content), your followers will leave you behind.

Include calls-to-action (CTAs)

Having a healthy-sized following doesn’t automatically mean increased sales and revenue. Your social media profile gives you a place to put your website link, but instead of putting our homepage URL in these sections, consider pushing traffic directly to an offer, a newsletter sign up page, or a downloadable whitepaper. No one has time to find offers – send your potential customers directly to your offers to increase your conversion rates. Include CTAs in your posts. Something like, “You have to check out this cool infographic we just did – especially point No. 3” instead of just linking to an infographic is one way to drive more traffic to your site.

Quality over quantity

Let’s face it, social media marketing requires a lot of time and attention and there are a lot of different sites. The fact is, more than likely, you will find it difficult to be active on all social media channels, unless you outsource your social media to an agency. It would be better to be active on three social media outlets, rather than mediocre on more. Pick the social networks that your business thrives on and focus on those. Making sure you have a manageable social media marketing plan is better than having a following on all social media outlets.

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