Take a look at our favourite tips to help you pitch your next guest blog post.

Top tips to pitch a guest post

1. Put yourself in the receivers’ shoes

Depending on the size of the website, editors can receive hundreds of emails enquiries a day. So you will need to adapt your messaging to this.

Try and keep it short, sweet and to the point – try not to waste their time!

You could also try to create a persona on the information supplied on the website. If their ‘About us’ page has a lot of information on the company, you can adapt your messaging to tie in with that.

2. Contact editors on social media

Twitter is a great place to contact editorial staff of websites as they normally have a strong presence on the social media platform. Follow them, retweet their tweets and generally get on their good side. You can then ask them either by tweet, or if they follow you, a direct message.

3. Do your research

Make sure you’ve spent a good amount of time looking around the website to find the best place for your blog to sit. It doesn’t seem very professional when you request your marketing blog to sit under sales when there’s a whole dedicated marketing section on the same website.

4. Take your time on the subject line

A good subject line separates the emails that get opened with the emails that don’t. Aim to have the core message of the email in the subject line if possible – it’s a difficult task to accomplish, but it does pay off!

5. Showcase your previous work

It’s hard to gauge whether a person you’ve never spoken with before is good at writing, or whether their content will fit your site. Remember this when you contact a website manager next. Let them know that you’ve had experience with content writing, and give them a few examples of your work in the industry.

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