Considering how your audience thinks and acts is a must to improve lead generation on mobile devices.

How to improve lead generation on mobile

1. Show the correct keypad

When your prospects are filling in a form to sign up for something, the last thing they want is for the wrong keyboard to pop up for the field they are completing. So for your phone number fields, configure them to show the number keypad, for the email address, show the email related keypad (with the ‘.com’ shortcut) etc. This will hopefully reduce the chance of users leaving the form.

2. Ensure content isn’t hidden

Although it is obvious, you should check that you haven’t gated any content behind triggers such as ones that you have to hover over with a mouse. As your users are on mobile, this can be very difficult, if not impossible, to achieve.

3. Adjust the amount of form fields

If users want to sign up to your service on-the-go, they do not want 10 fields to fill in. Try to limit the amount of fields you require, and then ask for more information at a later date. A sales rep can always chase for details, but if someone leaves the form without filling any information in, it’s a lot harder for them to follow up!

4. Alternate CTAs

Instead of using a form to capture information, you could try a simple CTA that requires a phone call. Try split testing forms and phone calls to see which one suits your audience.

5. Duplicate CTAs

If you are using a long landing page design, include CTAs throughout the page to encourage sign ups. Long designs require a lot more scrolling on mobile than they do on desktop! If your content is split into sections, that’s an easy indicator as to where to place your CTAs.

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