Company blogs can sit there gathering dust instead of boosting traffic and gaining leads. So we explore a number of ways to really boost the effectiveness of your content.

Boost your blog with an outreach strategy

For an effective blog, you need both a SEO and an outreach strategy. Many SMEs focus on SEO alone (probably because success is easier to quantify). But a blog outreach programme can be very successful if you give it time to mature.

Here are a number of tips to take on board if you are thinking about starting a blog outreach strategy.

Treat bloggers as small business owners, because that’s what they are

Many of us would only really think to contact the big-hitting news websites to boost the presence of our blog. But what we should really be doing is contacting niche bloggers. Around 90% of the Internet is made up by these sites, so we shouldn’t be ignoring them!

Just remember that bloggers are entrepreneurs and small business owners, so treat them with the respect they deserve. Understand that they are busy and respect their time. See blog outreach as a business development activity, rather than lumping it with PR.

Ensure your product or service is something worth writing about

If you’re not excited about your product or service, bloggers and influencers probably won’t be either. If you want a reputable blogger to write a feature, you will need to explain how your product/service solves a real life problem… and make it interesting!

Make sure you know the blogger’s content before you approach them

Do your research! Study the blogger who you intend to pitch to. Read their content and make sure they actually accept guest posts before getting in touch. Stay in the loop with your industry and the people who provide content for it.

Don’t rush the process

Blogger outreach can take time. If you want instant results, try advertising, not outreach. You will need to invest time and energy into the relationship before you can get that coveted inbound link.

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