What else can a business do to reach potential customers that doesn’t involve sharing, posting or tweeting on social media?

Five marketing strategies that do not involve social media

1. Ambassador programmes

An ambassador will serve as a representation of your company’s brand. They can spread the word about your brand and/or specific product or service to their own community. This is a great way to get your business in front of a captive target audience quickly.

2. Trade shows

Even though they can be quite expensive, trade shows can offer a return that will be worth the initial investment. One of the biggest draws of trade shows is the potential to build business relationships. It’s one of the few opportunities to actually shake hands with potential customers and other complementing brands.

3. Bloggers

Many link blogging to social media, but you can keep them separate. Think about what your target audience would read. When you figure this out, find out the leading bloggers in that niche and start contacting them for a collaboration. You may have to give away a few freebies to make this relationship happen, but it has the potential to be a worthwhile investment.

4. Contribute

Do you know everything there is to know about a certain industry-related topic? Do you have a number of design secrets that are perfect for an infographic? Put your thoughts down on an email and send it off to websites and blogs that are looking for content. Ask them to include a link through to your website and a bio. Most of the time you will have to contribute for free – but if it gains you customers, it’s worth the trouble!

5. Speak

Can you give presentations on the same topics you write about? Organisations, schools and conferences are always looking for people to inspire and energise their audiences. Avoid making your entire talk a sales pitch – instead talk about your business as a motivational tool.

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