With email still getting twice as many conversions as social media, it’s probably worth targeting users on-the-go.

Maximise your mobile email marketing

Here’s a simple guide to maximise your email marketing:

1. The layout

Being mobile responsive isn’t just changing the dimensions of your content to suit a smartphone. It’s also about trying to reinforce your brand and enhance awareness.

Mobile users are typically on-the-go, so make sure you use attention-grabbing images and copy.

Give these tips a try:

  • Use single columns on mobile, expanding to multiple columns on desktop.
  • Provide white space.
  • Place your important info at the top.
  • Space out your links – make them clickable.
  • Keep the heading clean. Sometimes it can appear in an inbox saying ‘If you are having trouble viewing this email, click here’.
  • Optimise images to work in most email clients and check plain text emails.
  • Check your font and use a font size no smaller than 12 px.

2. The copy

Balancing the design with great content is the key to getting conversions. Keep it short and focus on the ‘from’ field, subject line and the first line of the email. These are the first three things mobile users will most likely see.

  • The ‘from field’. Unless your brand is already known to potential customers, use a real name to send the emails. Also make sure that the email address works. This means you will be able to respond to all communications.

  • The subject line. Even if you have the best message in your email, without a good subject line, nobody will get to see it. Subject lines that are between six and 10 words get the highest open rates.

  • The copy. If you waste your readers’ time, they won’t open any more of your emails. So try to pack a punch with your content, especially in the first line as mobile users tend to preview this piece of text. Create a skimmable reading experience.

  • The call to action (CTA). When you send out emails, you want to get a response of some kind. This is why CTAs are so important. They must be specific and stand out from the rest of the copy so your readers will know what to do once they have finished reading the email. Limit each email to one CTA – this will ensure maximum clarity.

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