Although most businesses do content marketing, they are not all successful. So here are four tips to improve your content marketing results.

Kickstart your content marketing with these tips

1. Detail your strategy

If you want to experience success with your content marketing, you need a detailed plan of attack. Lots of businesses simply throw up blog posts left, right and centre without a plan. There aren’t any benchmarks, goals or any research behind the topics. The aim of content marketing is to generate revenue. There are short-term goals too, such as bringing in traffic, but your content does need to produce a return.

Try brainstorming topics based on campaign goals. Do you need leads? If so, create content that pushes readers through the sales funnel to give you their contact information. If you optimise your content well, you can achieve these goals.

2. Determine what’s working

Use Google Analytics to find out what blog subjects are working in terms of engagement and goals completed. What post has received the most visits? What has the longest time on page? What blog brought a customer to your website before they converted? It’s also worth monitoring all social activity too.

All of this data will give you a good idea of what is working and what’s not converting. Analyse it and take your content marketing in the direction you need.

3. Quality over quantity

Generally content that delivers results isn’t cheap to produce. If you can’t afford an in-house content writer or a freelancer on a regular basis, cut back. Aim for one piece of quality content a month instead of one piece a week of varying quality. Increase your production as your revenue increases.

4. Take advantage of paid promotion

Even if you create the perfect piece of content, without a target audience to engage with, it will most likely fail. So if your website lacks a steady amount of organic traffic, paid promotion might be the way to go.

One avenue to think about is social media. You can boost Facebook posts, promote Tweets and run LinkedIn sponsored updates. Start small then when your revenue increases, scale up the social promotion.

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