1. Spend 80% of your time on your ad headline

A recent study suggested that eight out of 10 people will read the headline, but not the rest of the ad. Their decision will have already been made before they get to the rest of your copy. Spend the majority of your time perfecting the headline to attract your audience. Whether you’re running your ad on search engines or social media, make sure your headlines are great.

2. Build an email list

In our previous blog we explained how you can use emails for social promotion, but did you know that they are also really good for driving traffic through a newsletter? Ensure that you have an option for your visitors to ‘opt-in’ to your newsletter somewhere visible on your site.

3. Blog!

Blogging drives traffic. Many studies have proved this. If you start off small then gradually increase the amount of blogs when you gain resource, you will see an increase in traffic. Remember to promote them on social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – everywhere you can.

4. Optimise your site for SEO

Try to make your site as SEO friendly as you can to please the search engine robots that crawl your site. A useful piece of software that can give you an SEO audit and can show what you need to fix is called SEMrush. Check it out.

5. Become a contributor

Contributing to industry-relevant websites is another great way to boost website traffic. It might not result in immediate customers, but it does get your name out there. To become a contributor on a big site you will need to be writing a lot and will need to be an expert on your topic. Until then, keep writing! You will get there eventually.

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