Happiful and Counselling Directory, have launched a new season of the mental health focused podcast, I am. I have.

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Behavioural Change Specialist and author Shahroo Izadi, writer and model Jamie Windust, body confidence coach Michelle Elman and clinical hypnotherapist Fiona Lamb, are just a few of the guests sharing their three I am’s and one I have, on the new season of the podcast.

Now in its third season, I am. I have invites guests to share their life passions as well as their own experiences with mental health and illness. The podcast reflects Happiful’s ethos that while we all have mental health, and some of us will experience, or live with mental illness it doesn’t define who we are.

At the heart of Happiful and the podcast is the belief that talking about mental health can have a positive ripple effect and help to remove remaining stigmas around reaching out and talking to others.

The first two series of I am. I have featured interviews with Estée Lalonde, Rose McGowan, Munroe Bergdorf, Life Coach Ben Bidwell, Book of Man Editor Martin Robinson, Therapist Dr Lee Valls, Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert, and Happiful Columnist Grace Victory.

Episodes are released every Monday, and you can subscribe to I am. I have, here.

Episode Guide

1. Shahroo Izadi - 13 January 2020

Shahroo is a Behavioural Change Specialist and author of The Kindness Method and The Last Diet. You can listen to Shahroo’s podcast now

2. Jamie Windust - 20 January 2020

Jamie is an award Winning Editor, Writer, Public Speaker and Model. Jamie’s TedXLondon talk entitled “Support for trans people isn’t radical - it’s urgent” was released in January 2020

3. Fiona Lamb on quitting smoking - 27 January 2020

Fiona is a critically acclaimed advanced clinical hypnotherapist, speaker and trainer based at The Hale Clinic in Harley Street. Fiona specialises in anxiety, addictions, emotional eating and insomnia. Fiona has recently released the MindDetox app.

4. Michelle Elman - 3 February 2020

Michelle is the founder of Scarred Not Scared and an accredited life coach and award-winning body positive activist. In 2018, she was awarded Body Positive Activist of the Year by the Yours Awards and she released her debut book "Am I Ugly".

Details of future episodes to be announced in late January.

I am. I have. was launched by Happiful and sister company Counselling Directory, a site which helps people to find the help they need, in January 2019. It  received a brilliant reception and I am. I have was named podcast of the Year at PPA Independent Publishers’ Awards in November 2019.

I am. I have is hosted by Lucy Donoughue, contributing writer and Head of Content and Communications for Happiful.

For more information contact Alice Greedus on alice.greedus@happiful.com

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