Why Pinterest should not be underestimated

In this blog we list a number of reasons why Pinterest should appear in your marketing strategy.

1) Audience engagement

Pinterest is used by people to extend and organise their hobbies, so they tend to be engrossed in the content they consume and create. If you set up a pin board full of shoes, marketers will already have a good idea about your interests.

With the release of Pinterest’s marketing addition, marketers can listen to these social conversations, and help consumers along if the moment arises. A bonus is that the majority of the demographic is between 18-39, which is a popular one for many B2C businesses.

2) It’s a social search engine

A lot more Pinterest users are using it less for a simple online scrapbook, and more for a community of content that they can discover and engage with.

Most savvy marketers can use their social listening skills to take advantage of the way the content is spread on the site – pinned content from users being ‘repinnable’ on your personal boards, very similar to sharing news articles.

According to research, 38% of Pinterest users have bought something they have seen on the social media site. If your products reach someone who already is in the final stage of the sales funnel, your profits could potentially skyrocket.

3) Mobile usage gathering speed

Pinterest’s format is a massive draw for today’s smartphone generation. It’s based on visuals and is very easy to use. Mobile users now account for around 75% of the site’s traffic. The audience are using Pinterest in replacement of magazines, news sites and even searching Google.

The Pinterest conclusion

  • It’s a viable marketing channel.
  • The audience is deeply engaged and part of a strong demographic.
  • Pinterest could be as important to your marketing strategy as PPC is to advertising.

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