Five successful online marketing tactics for B2B companies

We discuss a number of online marketing tactics for B2B companies.

1. Advertise to selected accounts on Twitter

Twitter advertisements can be a gold mine for businesses. You can simply target the followers of certain accounts that your target market will most likely follow – instead of individually going through every single account you can think of. It’s far easier to set up and you will get a much larger reach.

2. LinkedIn sponsored updates

One of the best platforms to advertise to businesses is LinkedIn. There is a wealth of targeting options – employees of specific companies, job titles, seniority levels and company sizes. When promoting your own blog posts or articles, you are reaching your target audience and promoting your brand and business page at the same time.

3. Be active on relevant LinkedIn groups

You can establish yourself as an expert in your field if you regularly contribute to relevant LinkedIn groups. You could create an informative ebook and contact the admins of the group to be featured in the member newsletter. These tend to have higher click-through rates than group discussions.

4. Target job titles on Facebook

If LinkedIn doesn’t work out for you, try targeting job titles on Facebook as an alternative choice. Having an attractive image partnered with your advertising copy can be more effective in catching a person’s eye.

5. Banner ads on industry websites

Find out what your target audience is and what industry websites they tend to visit the most – then you target these websites to advertise on. One of the most simple ways to do this is by using the Display Network in a Google Adwords campaign. Another way would be to contact the owner of the website themselves to see if they have any advertising packages you can purchase.

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