Mobile marketing best practises

More consumers are using their mobile devices to make purchases. In this blog we look into some of the best practices for your next mobile marketing campaign.

Sales using smartphones and tablets are skyrocketing year on year according to CIO. Clearly mobile marketing is the way forward, but there are still some companies that haven’t implemented a fully-fledged mobile marketing strategy.

Here are a few best practices to help kick start your next mobile marketing campaign:

1. Create correct sized content

Mobile content needs to be concise. The content still needs to be of high quality, but try to get to the point quicker than you would on a standard web page. Remember that your audience will most likely be viewing your content from a small screen, and may even be travelling somewhere or be at work. So they won’t have a lot of time to spend reading the content.

It can be a challenge, but creating compact and compelling content is key to a successful mobile marketing campaign.

2. Local search

Local searches often occur when using mobiles devices. To take advantage of this, remember to submit your business to Google My Business.

You should also make sure your opening times, phone number and address are clearly listed on your website. Visitors should not have to spend more than a minute finding your contact details.

3. Geo-targeting

By using location-based services, you can direct your marketing messages to potential customers that are in the local vicinity. With these platforms you can run promotions, such as coupons and discounts, to entice them to buy online or drop in to your store.

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