LinkedIn company profile explained

In this blog we will explore the LinkedIn company page components, ready for when you set up your own.

1. The overview of your homepage

The ‘Home’ tab displays a snapshot of your company. This includes your most recent updates, a description of your company, and your company’s employees. It’s also possible to display your company blog posts. This is a perfect way to show off your company in a bite-sized format.

2. Careers

The careers section will display any jobs you are currently recruiting for, if you have posted them on LinkedIn. You can purchase a gold or silver career page, which will allow you to add a description of your company culture, feature your top employees and create targeted messages to fill your positions quickly with the best candidates.

3. Showcase pages

This feature allows you to display your products and services on a neat little sidebar widget. Each of your products or services can have their own individual showcase page. The page includes descriptions, banners, images, features, special offers and videos.

4. Sponsored posts

LinkedIn sponsored posts enable you to promote your updates from your company page. When you decide to sponsor a post, it will appear in your target audience’s home feed.

5. Analytics

Analytics will be visible to all administrators of your page. They show in-depth information on your company page visitors. You can gain a valuable insight on what your audience likes and what type of content that just doesn’t work.

6. Updates

The data in this section tells you the reach of your posts, how many interactions a post gets (shares, follows and likes), how many followers you have gained from the post and the percentage of engagement.


Here you can visualise the demographic of your following. You will be able to distinguish between followers gained organically or by paid advertising. You can also sort your followers by company size, seniority, function etc. in order to focus your content to the main follower base.

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