Discover how to improve your email marketing open rates

Email marketing isn’t dead – far from it. It still has one of the highest returns on investment and engagement rates of any marketing strategy. The key is standing out.

One way to find out if your email marketing efforts are moving in the right direction is to track the email open rates. There are a number of variables that can affect them ranging from the title of your email to the time you send it. In this blog we explore a number of tips to keep your customers clicking.

1. Work on your subject line

The subject line, or title of the email, is the first thing the customer will see as your email hits their inbox. If you haven’t A/B tested your subject line yet – try it to gain the best results.

2. Personalise

Research suggests that an email is more likely to be opened if it’s addressed to the recipient. Typically, using a customer’s first name gets the best results – familiarity and focus will engage your readers.

3. Write quality, bite-sized content

If your customers come to expect that your company sends them interesting, informative and engaging emails, your email open rates will rise. Rather than filling the email with so much information that they just speed read and hit delete – try to give bite-sized pieces of information that leaves the customer wanting more.

4. Send the email from a person

If your email is being sent from a generic company email address, it runs the risk of getting deleted alongside the other hundred advertising emails that customers get every month. If your email appears to be sent from an individual, the personal touch gives the email more of a chance of being opened.

5. Find the right time

Timing is everything in email marketing. You can find out the best time to send your emails by looking at your past results and conducting new tests over time. Don’t be scared to try weekends too!

Part two will be coming next week – watch this space.

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