Capture your mobile audience

Consumer tastes rarely change, but their habits do. Websites have seen a stark increase from mobile traffic in recent years, so is it time for your business to react?

Advertising and sales media typically adapts to new technologies when they enter the market, but the thing that stays the same is what the consumer wants. They generally still want and need the same things, but they will just adapt to the new technologies to make their lives simpler.

Searching for goods and services online using a mobile is now instant with the introduction of 4G connections throughout the UK. Businesses who adapt to changes quickly tend to reap the benefits of these growth opportunities by providing an improved experience for their customers.

Mobile devices accounted for 6% of all retail sales in the UK last year, so small to medium sized businesses that fail to react to the mobile phenomenon will miss out on potential revenues.

Consumer expectations

Superfast 4G mobile Internet has raised audience’s expectations; consumers want and expect website speed, usability and navigation to be seamless. Investment in a responsive website design might put you off, but it may lead to increased website performance and sales conversions.

Identifying key journeys that a user will take is key to making a mobile conversion. You can perfect the consumer journey by simplifying it. Remove any information that isn’t needed, make the CTAs clickable buttons rather than small text hyperlinks and reduce the amount of webpages the consumer needs to scroll through to purchase your product or service.

Pay attention to Google

You might think that high Google rankings are only for the big enterprises with big budgets, but that’s not true.

Google Local is a valuable tool for small to medium size businesses to target mobile users on the go. This provides the potential consumer with the business location and extra valuable information including opening times, reviews and even a ‘click to call’ feature.

If you capture the mobile audience correctly, it can route shoppers directly to your stores and increased orders on your website.

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