Tips to keep your blog readers hooked

There are all types of blogs on the Internet ranging from fitness to personal and from nutritional to business. What’s the one thing they have in common? They need a good readership to flourish.

One of the main reasons you will have a blog will most likely be to drive traffic to your website. So here are some tips to help you keep your current readers and gain more.

Fresh content wins

It’s easy to repurpose your content just to make it look like you’ve got something new going up on your website on a regular basis. But in reality, this adds little value to your readers and they will most likely move to another site that has more interesting and varied content.

A writing style change can be enough to gain a number of new followers or keep your current readers on your site. It can be difficult to get fresh content week in week out if you are doing everything in-house with little resource, so try something different.

Ask your audience what they would like to read

Consumer engagement is key when using social media – it’s almost as important as the content itself. Engaging with your readership will encourage them to come back because they will feel you value their opinions. Twitter is a great platform to ask and answer questions, regardless of the amount of writers you have on your website. Also, if you allow comments on your article, that’s another great way to keep conversation flowing if the reader sees the author actively answering any queries that have been left.

Try to get a thought leader to guest post for your website

If you can get a thought leader to do a video interview or guest blog, this will do wonders for your website traffic. The thought leader will share it on their social media channels to an audience that might not have visited your website otherwise. This will give your readers a fresh perspective and can benefit both parties.

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