Celebrating the best and brightest upcoming talent in UK magazine media, PPA 30 Under 30’s List for 2020 has been revealed and we’re delighted to announce that Rebecca Thair, Happiful’s Editor, has been awarded a place.  

As Editor from January 2018, and one of the original founding team of Happiful Magazine, Rebecca had led the way for the development of our much loved mag and its growth. She is dedicated to continuing conversations around mental health and illness, creating a supportive community for all readers, and ensuring that diversity of life experience is at the very core of the publication.

“Our judges loved Rebecca’s commitment to diverse voices, which was made even more impressive given that she is working at a smaller publisher without many central services,” PPA shared earlier today when the list was revealed.

“It’s wonderful to see Happiful, a relatively new title, flourishing with Rebecca at the lead.”  

Co-Founder and Director of Happiful Paul Maunders shared his thoughts on Rebecca’s Editorship too, noting: “Rebecca became Editor of Happiful magazine in January 2018, and immediately began to develop Happiful into the inspirational, inclusive and stigma smashing magazine it is today.

“It’s no easy task to encourage and guide such a broad range of contributors to talk and write openly about their mental health, or to balance uplifting content with actionable advice and true stories – all while striking the right tone on some seriously sensitive subjects – but Rebecca has done it all, and with generosity of spirit.”

PPA’s list of 30 industry greats also includes: James Manning International Editor at Time Out; Alice Wilkinson Deputy Editor for Waitrose & Partners HEALTH Magazine; Olive Pometsey Junior Digital Editor at GQ; Becky Burgum Features Assistant at ELLE; and Sabrina Sahota Digital Journalist at MadeForMums.