While you’ve probably been relaxing by the shore and soaking up the sun rays, the last thing you want to think about is all the emails, paperwork, calls, and catching up you’ll need to do back at work.

Reverting back from holiday mode to work may be something you’re not looking forward to. But rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

Here are five ways to ease you back into the daily grind so you can stay relaxed… and still get things done with a bang!

1. A clean place makes a happy space

Organisation is the key to getting your work done. A messy workspace is a massive distraction and could fill you with a cluttered mind. First things first, have a clean up of your work space, sort out old documents and bits of stationery. You don’t want to start manifesting stress the first day back!

2. Don’t bite off more than you can chew

Getting everything done in one go can be overwhelming. Take tasks one at a time. Schedule meetings on day two or three after being back at work, get organised and settle in, don’t drive yourself crazy and tackle everything at once. You’ve only got the one pair of hands.

3. Order of the day!

Grab your favourite note book, find the next clean page, start prioritising tasks one by one. As you start ticking them off you will feel good about how much you are achieving in a short period of time. You will soon see the difference and find that this will mentally prepare you to tackle your workload.

4. Take ten

We know that nothing makes day one drag on more than waiting for the clock to signal your lunch hour. Why not break up the working day by taking ten minutes every hour or so? It means you can revive and refresh your mind, grab a coffee or a chinwag about something outside of work.

5. Keep the holiday traditions alive!

You’ll find it much easier to go back to the daily hustle and bustle when you have something to look forward to. That big summer break doesn’t mean holidays have to end so soon! Power yourself through the week by having a nice little getaway in mind, or by organising something fun with your friends a little closer to home. Even something as simple as treating yourself to a meal out at your favourite restaurant, or buying a new outfit can help you feel more confident. In short, it could give you that all important boost to help you beat the blues.

Remember that taking a holiday is important, taking even one day off can help to reset yourself mentally. Don’t throw yourself in the deep end on the first day back, pick up where you left off.

Experts believe that three in four of us do not use all of our paid holiday, according to Psychology Today

Researchers at Harris Interactive have also concluded that days off give us much needed respite from constant stress at work.

So when it comes to making your ‘to-do’ list, remember to make time for the one that is putting in all the work… you!