As we are over halfway through 2016, we take a look at the current marketing trends of the year so far.

Content marketing trends of the year so far

1. Organic reach is in decline

Social media has been the go-to marketing channel to share information and news. It’s a dominant force in terms of content popularity and can push a piece of content to go viral. Unfortunately social media platforms (particularly Facebook), have been reducing the amount of organic reach that your posts get without paying to advertise. This is making marketers think twice about relying on organic reach, and has pushed them to find out new production and distribution methods.

2. Interactive content is more popular than ever

The amount of individuals and companies creating their own content is on the rise, which is making plain and unimaginative content far more difficult to get any sort of traction. Also, as brands are publishing more unique and interesting content, it’s raising the expectation level of readers. What’s expected now is interactive content – pushing resources like quizzes, polls, charts and infographics to the forefront of content marketing campaigns.

3. Video content is everywhere

As soon as you log in to Facebook, you will most likely be met with some sort of video on your feed. It’s easier than ever for people to watch videos on-the-go, and content creators have adjusted their content accordingly. Now videos are on autoplay and have subtitles so people who are scrolling through without sound can still interpret the message of the video. When done correctly, this is a great way to communicate information as they tend to stand out more than written posts.

4. User-generated content is becoming more common

A great way to up your content game is to get your users to create some for you! Although it does sound like it’s a little out of the box, it can be very effective. There are a number of different ways to encourage users to create content. For example, a social media content competition could be agreat way for your fans to create content for you that you will be able to use in future marketing campaigns.

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