Before you start your next email marketing campaign, make sure you aren’t making the following mistakes.

Are you making these common email marketing mistakes?1. Sending without permission

If you’re sending emails to potential customers that haven’t given you permission to do so, you will most likely be marked as spam, and if you’re using external email marketing software, you may even get banned.

So make sure the people on your list are opted-in. If they sign up to receive your emails by themselves, they are far more likely to convert in comparison to those who receive an email out of the blue.

2. Poor design

Approximately 60% of emails that you send out will be opened on a smartphone. So if your emails you send out aren’t designed for mobile as well as desktop, you are missing out on a huge amount of potential visits and conversions.

** 3. Zero personalisation**

If you’re calling your entire email list ‘Sir/Madam’, you aren’t likely to get a huge amount of click-throughs or sales – they won’t feel valued at all. According to research conducted by Experian, personalising emails can increase the revenue obtained by email marketing by up to 500%.

4. Sending without a schedule

If someone’s signed up to your email list, they will be expecting communications on a regular basis. So if they’ve signed up to a fortnightly newsletter, they will expect an email every two weeks. Afterwards, you need to stick to that plan.

If a customer signs up to your fortnightly newsletter and doesn’t receive any communications for two months, they will end up forgetting about you.

5. Repetitive and bland offers

If you constantly send the same ‘special’ offer to people every week, your audience will soon realise the offer isn’t that special and unsubscribe.

Only send offers sparingly and make sure they contain a minimum of 20% off your prices or provide 20% more value.

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