We take a look at four tips to get your company firing on all cylinders.

Four tips for small businesses

Employ these four PR and marketing tips to enjoy a positive start with your small business.

Analyse your site traffic

Find out where your traffic comes from. Look for sites that are already sending you traffic – for example, blogs, product lists or other press. You should try to build strong relationships with the people that link to your content – make contact and thank them! Building an address book full of bloggers, journalists and webmasters is key for a successful content marketing strategy.

Focus on an outreach strategy

Ask influencers and bloggers to share your content. Influencer marketing is on the rise, but the industry is unfortunately becoming more transactional, so choosing the right people to contact is very important.

Don’t cast the net too wide – stick to your industry niche. Focus on their reach in the industry rather than simply their follower count. Try to be genuine in your approach. If you can, try to incentivise these transactions – perhaps a sample product or a trial of your service.

Use your connections

Check out your LinkedIn connections and ask them for assistance. You will have probably amassed a good amount of connections through education, friends and family who would be glad to help.

You’ll be amazed where your former classmates are in the world of business. Some may work for media outlets, others for complementary companies in your niche. Don’t be scared to speak to someone you haven’t spoken to for a long time. You can always be professional and explain why you think it would be a good idea to collaborate!

Target media outlets

Decide on a publication and a journalist/content creator to offer exclusive content, stats or research that will make their life a lot easier. When you don’t have a lot of money, gaining exposure like this can be a viable and worthwhile option.

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