As approximately 70 per cent of millennials research their shopping options on the web before purchase, you may want to adapt to cope with this consumer revolution.

How to market to tech-savvy millennials

Create an omni-channel experience

‘Omni-channel marketing’ seems to be one of the latest buzzwords in the marketing space. It means that your company markets its products or services via multiple channels to reach its target audience. From print and social media, to email and websites, there are many channels that give you the opportunity to market.

This marketing concept seems to be one of the best ways to market to the millennial audience. It can be delivered through a variety of devices including desktops, smartphones and tablets, along with offline methods to complete a seamless shopping experience.

Make your site responsive

A responsive website design is key for a strong mobile presence in the market. Consumers these days are using multiple devices to search for, and buy, products online. With a responsive design, your website will adapt to whichever device the visitor is using.

Be social

This doesn’t mean hosting events every month – it includes having two-way conversations online. You can do this by taking note of what channels your millennial audience uses most (e.g. social media, emails, text messaging, WhatsApp, phone calls etc.). Try to be as active as possible on their preferred communication devices and channels.

Ensure your offline store is well-equipped

Many people use the web as a ‘pre-shopping’ tool. They research products before going into a store to purchase them. This gives you a great opportunity to create a seamless service, from online to offline.

Keep your store stocked and up-to-date with customer and product information. The information your provide online should coincide with what’s displayed offline.

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