Twitter announced that its advertising platform is now available in over 200 countries and territories. This has opened up many possibilities for entrepreneurs to market their businesses.

How to grow your personal brand and business with Twitter advertisements

Twitter is a great promotion tool when used properly. It has an easy-to-navigate dashboard and it provides in-depth analytics and helps you scale and optimise campaigns. So here are three ways you can use the platform to grow your personal brand and business platform using this form of social media advertising:

1. Grow followers

Twitter is great for building brand presence by engaging and sharing with your target audience. Try mixing your own blog content with other content that’s already out there, then throw in some inspirational quotes and maybe a few ‘sign up to our newsletter’ posts for good measure. This will give your following a great variety of posts to look forward to.

If you want to boost your follower count, you can target ‘potential followers’ that will most likely be interested in what you tweet about. There is a wealth of targeting options – simply select a price you are willing to pay for each new follower and away you go.

2. Drive tweet engagement and website traffic

Starting a sponsored tweet campaign is a great way to put your content in front of your target audience and promote engagement. You can drive traffic to your website by promoting a free ebook download or a blog post with the aim of gaining leads, email subscribers, followers etc.

The price for each engagement will depend on your targeting. Your cost per click may turn out to be more expensive than your AdWords campaign, but it has the potential to have a higher conversion rate.

Try not to focus on the cost per click – work out the cost per conversion and see if your numbers add up.

3. Build a targeted list

Building a targeted email list with Twitter is easier than ever with the introduction of its lead generation cards. You are able to sync the campaign up with most popular emails programs, such as Salesforce, Mailchimp etc., so every lead you get will be imported into a list.

Twitter makes it very easy for the user to submit their email address – all it needs is a click. Twitter then automatically passes the email address on to you, so you know you will gain a valid email address every time. Coupons, downloadable guides and white papers tend to do well.

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