Turning a one-time webinar into a content hub

We explore a number of ways to turn a webinar into a sea of top quality content.

Webinars are a great way to attract new prospects and introduce them to your brand, products or expertise. You’ll be able to speak directly to your audience in real time, enabling them to ask you any burning questions they have. But what happens when this is over? Typically nothing. But why squander the opportunity of creating a content goldmine? We explore a number of ways how to do just that.

Make your recording available to members

You will probably offer the webinar recording to all who attended or signed up for the event. But what about your members who didn’t apply? Offering the recording to your membership base can be a great perk for you to utilise and advertise. Just make sure the content will be beneficial for the member – don’t fill your webinars with cheesy sales pitches if you want to supply your members with the recordings.

Take advantage of SlideShare

You don’t need to invest much time to make an aesthetically pleasing SlideShare presentation from your webinar content. By offering sample information from your webinar in a SlideShare format, you can give away just enough information to hopefully gain more attendees for your next event. The presentation, however, will need to be valuable, meaningful and well presented.

Segment your presentation for social

Whether you have video editing skills yourself, or you hire a freelancer, you can break down your webinar into small, easily-digestible segments. This can give your followers short, action-packed videos to further the traction from your initial presentation.

Transcribe then transform

If you don’t have a written record of your script, get a professional company to transcribe your content for you. With your information in a document, all you need to do is edit the content and send it over to a designer to mold it into a white paper.

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