10 ways to get more company page followers on LinkedIn

Creating a LinkedIn company page is easy – it’s gaining the followers that’s the hard part. Here’s some guidance on how to boost those numbers.

  1. If your employees have a LinkedIn account, get them to add your company as their place of work. They will then automatically follow your page.
  2. Optimise your content for maximum reach. According to LinkedIn, ‘best of’ posts get up to 40% more engagement than regular company blogs.
  3. Add the LinkedIn follow button to your company’s website.
  4. Share your videos with your followers. Videos are known to get around double the social interactions than normal posts, if successful.
  5. Include relevant keywords on your company page to optimise them for searches. Longer, content heavy posts tend to do better.
  6. Engage with your current crop of followers. Don’t neglect them just because you are focusing on gaining more.
  7. Take part in LinkedIn groups by sharing your thoughts and opinions on industry-related topics.
  8. Share your company news. If you have any brand advocates following you, they will love an inside scoop on what’s happening.
  9. Promote your LinkedIn page on other channels – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, your email list etc.
  10. Utilise the LinkedIn Showcase pages feature. You could add departments, company initiatives or product categories that sit below your main company page.

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