Social media success is a long-term, multi step process. To get results, you need consistency, patience and commitment.

In this blog we will look at nine tips to build your Facebook audience.

1. Promoting your page

Try spending at least £5 a day for a week and measure the impact of your investment. By using Facebook’s targeting tools, you can focus on your niche and gain a substantial amount of likes.

2. Update your status regularly

Try to update your status at least 2-3 times a day. Then after a few weeks, check the insights tab to find out when your followers are interacting with your posts. You can then schedule your content to fit around the busiest times.

3. Engage with your fans

Engaging with comments shows there’s a human behind your brand. Human to human marketing is very effective in the digital space – faceless brands are few and far between.

4. Offer valuable resources for free

If you can offer some of your expertise away for free, it will convey value to your niche. They will then build a stronger relationship with you, and keep you in mind when they do come around to purchasing something.

5. Post images

According to Hubspot, images on Facebook receive 53% more likes than an average post. Try creating an image with a quote using an online editing tool (like this one) with your web link at the bottom.

6. Aim for 80 characters

Try to keep your posts short and sweet for increased engagement. You can always post a link through to your website to find out more information or to continue reading.

7. Punctuation in posts.

According to research, using question marks in posts perform 23% better than regular posts. Hashtags have proven to gain 60% more interaction as well. So keep this in mind when you next plan a post.

8. Link to your website

Try to write at least one blog a week and post a link on Facebook to advertise it. Try planning the status around peak times to capture your biggest audience.

9. Share a video

Do you have a YouTube channel? Or have you uploaded a video file through Facebook itself? Share it! Facebook is a great social media platform for your audience to watch your videos.

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