Obtaining the perfect testimonial

Getting a great testimonial can be a very difficult task. We explore how to make the process easier for the client.

What happens when a shop assistant recommends a product to you? Typically, you take their advice with a pinch of salt unless it’s backed up by an objective source. On the other hand, if a stranger in the shop, who doesn’t work there, recommends the same product, it might sway your thinking. This is because they are less likely to have a vested interest in selling you the product.

Testimonials offer potential customers a form of social proof that other clients are so happy they are willing to recommend a product or service to others.

So how do you get a testimonial?

The first thing on your list should be a satisfied client. But even when you have an increasing number of them, it can prove difficult to track them down and gain that all-important feedback.

The reason why they haven’t got back to you won’t be because they’re not happy or they don’t like you. They probably just know if they commit to giving you a testimonial, they will have to:

  • think about what to say
  • find the time to complete it
  • overcome their own writing insecurities
  • then like what they’ve written
  • figure out if it’s the correct message that you’re looking for
  • edit it
  • send it back as a draft and await any other changes that may need doing.

When the process is listed out like this, it can seem like a massive drain on time. So why not try to eliminate as many of those steps as possible?

Perhaps in a conversation with a client, they tell you why they love your product or service and let you know how they use it. You can then add some background on their company, flesh it out a bit, and send it back to them asking if you can use it as a testimonial for marketing purposes.

Most clients will edit the piece, and every so often they might want to write their own. But this gives them the option of doing as little as possible, and will give you a higher chance of gaining that all-important testimonial.

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