Getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile

Is now the time to create or develop your LinkedIn profile?

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networks for small businesses in the UK. Hence why creating a strong profile page could be critical in maximising the potential of the opportunities it presents.

LinkedIn connects 10 million professionals in the UK and 187m around the world. So you will need to know why you’re there; you don’t want to be casting a wide net and getting nothing out of it, or just simply having a profile you don’t update just for the sake of having one.

Your first port of call is to find out what you want your profile to say about you and your business.

Your profile picture

LinkedIn has increased the size of profile pictures recently, making the first impression of your profile count even more. A professional image can go a long way; smart dress and a neutral background is the norm.

Make the headline count

You have 120 characters to express what you and/or business does. Make it count. This headline is highly search-optimised, so strategically plan your keywords in the title, then carry on using them throughout your profile.

Keep your summary short

Keep your summary down to three or four punchy sentences to explain what you and/or your business does.

Contact information

Treat your contact information as a LinkedIn business card. This is how people will get in touch with you, so give them as many ways to do so as possible.

Create a company page

Every business should create a company page, but only if you have enough content to regularly post updates. Use a variety of content; add links, videos and images to create a community feeling.

Reposition your profile

Most profiles on LinkedIn have their experience listed in chronological order. This might not be the best order to demonstrate your experience in your chosen field, so you should edit your profile and drag and drop your experience to suit what prospective clients will want to find out first.

You now should have the beginnings of a successful LinkedIn profile. Just remember to keep it fresh and update it regularly.

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