How technology can enhance the running of your business

Technology is becoming an important part of digital marketing – particularly for small businesses. We share with you some of the most valuable technological tips for enhancing the productivity of your business.

Running a small business can be hectic. If you are a small business owner you will know full well how difficult it can be to keep everything running smoothly in a limited amount of time. You may have a wide variety of issues and tasks that need attending to on a regular basis, and as a result may find yourself struggling to conduct your business to the standard you had hoped.

Fortunately there is back up, and this is available in the form of highly advanced technological tools that can empower you and improve the running of your business. See below for five valuable technology tips and insight into some of the most efficient applications and processes that can enhance the productivity of your business. These will help you to save money and time in the long-term.

1. Get a smartphone

Business practice today is becoming increasingly reliant on smartphone technology. Owning a smartphone allows you to contact people and organise files and important messages when you are not able to access a computer. Being able to interact with clients and representatives at any time and anywhere via voice, text and social media updates is far more efficient and allows you to conduct your business more smoothly. Smartphones will also have other handy technological applications such as reminder facilities and free messaging services such as WhatsApp that can help you to stay on top of meetings and important events more efficiently.

2. Use a Cloud database

Small businesses will need a large amount of data space, but rather than paying for expensive kit there is the option of Cloud computing. Cloud is a free online server database where anyone can save files and programmes that they’d rather not store on their computer or laptop. Not only does Cloud storage help you to retain valuable space on your computer, but you will also be able to access important files and documents from any system simply by logging into the Internet.

3.Make the most of analytics

Successful online marketing will require keeping on top of how your data is performing. There are various applications such as Google Analytics and Geckoboard that can provide useful insights and visibility into your online business, which in turn can help you to make informed decisions about future strategies and objectives. Using analytics programmes you can compare web traffic and sales figures, and see where your users are clicking and moving through your site. It can also help you to understand current online marketing trends and how to master these to enhance your business.

4. Set up teleconferencing systems

One great advantage of technology is the ability to communicate with important people to your business who are far away. Online communications systems such as Skype and Google Voice allow you to set up free teleconferencing services so you can reach a wide range of people from all geographical locations. These online services also provide moderation controls so you can record your presentations for people to watch when they are free to do so. Essentially, this technology enables small businesses to save money and reach out to more clientele in a way that suits their individual needs and schedules.

5. Seal the deal with social media

As discussed in our previous blog, ‘What’s all the fuss about social networking?’, social media is hugely important for boosting business performance. There are a wide range of social media platforms to choose from, so you should spend time researching the right ones for your brand. Once you have chosen your key platforms you need to ensure they operate in harmony with each other. You will also need to keep on top of comment moderation – regularly interacting with your clients to generate loyalty to your brand. Having a smartphone enables you to check in to your social media accounts wherever you are.