Hello, & welcome to our Memiah blog.

To coincide with the launch of our re-branded website, we have set up this new blog so you can keep up to date with the latest goings on here at Memiah HQ as well as lots of other industry news and marketing tips.

First things first however, allow us to introduce ourselves:

Who are we?

Starting back in 2005 in the attic of an old barn, Memiah was then a team of just four – working hard to allow small businesses to promote themselves in a cost-effective and efficient way. Since then we have grown and enhanced both our business model and our team into the well-oiled 19-strong machine we are today. Our primary aim: To promote a healthier and happier society by nurturing ideas, helping you to grow your business and ultimately, sending the right clients your way so that they too receive the service and support they need.

How we do it

Memiah started out as a family business, so it goes without saying that family values and a supportive and caring environment are central to how we carry out the work we do and how we interact as a team and with our customers.

We don’t believe in just connecting with our own customers, we believe in connecting with our customer’s customers and providing them too with the best possible service through the development of websites, staff and systems.

How can we be of assistance?

If you are a small business, or indeed if you would like one – we can provide you with the marketing tools you need to make it a success. For you, you have the security and comfort of knowing that you are using a tried and tested model – because after all – we used it ourselves!

With that said we are by no means stuck in our ways. We welcome innovation and new ideas from staff, the public and customers and are flexible when it comes to spotting consumer needs and adapting our service to suit them.

After eight years in business we find ourselves in a very exciting and fortunate position, where the growth of our own business helps yours to grow too.

So, whether you have a small business, you work in marketing or if you just find all of this ‘stuff’ interesting – why not track our journey, learn some inside knowledge and pick-up some useful tips along the way by following this blog?

We hope to see you again soon!

The Memiah Team

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